Présentation du RESHAOC en anglais

Network of Hospitals of Africa, Indian Ocean and the Caribbean


West African Hospitals Network (RESHAO) was created in 1992 by African hospitals and French cooperation partners. In 1998, hospitals from the Indian Ocean (Madagascar) and the Caribbean (Haiti) joined them and that led to the change of name to the current RESHAOC (Network of Hospitals of Africa, Indian Ocean and the Caribbean). The network was legally established in 1996 as an association according to law of Burkina Faso which was then the host country of the network.

In 2005, the headquarters of RESHAOC was relocated from Mali to Benin and set up at the CNHU Hubert K. MAGA of Cotonou.

RESHAOC is a federated body, original and unique in the African continent targeting the hospital institution : its activities, financing, organisation and management, human resources as well as its positioning within the various health systems of Africa, Indian Ocean and the Caribbean.

The Articles of Association assign a fivefold mission to RESHAOC, namely :

Promote a complementary partnership between the various care facilities of the network and health stakeholders in general within the areas of health care, training, research and hospital management ;

Foster communication and experience sharing between the members of the network… ;

Promote collaboration with interested governments to assist in the analysis and/or definition of policies and strategies for national hospitals using the available expertise within the network ;

Collaborate with sub-regional, regional and international institutions to promote and implement the hospitals policies and strategies defined by member States of these institutions ;

Promote working relationships and partnership with hospitals associations all over the world.

The statutory organs of the network are :

· The General Assembly, which represents all the members. The ordinary General Assembly which meets every two years is the deliberation organ of the network. It elects its president from among its members for a tenure of two years. The presidency of the General Assembly is rotational and is held by the country organising the congress of RESHAOC. Thus, the current President of the General Assembly is Colonel Massamba Diop – Director of CHR of Kaolack – since Senegal has been selected as the organising country of the 9th Hospitals Congress which will hold in June 2009 at Dakar,

· The Board of Directors, which is an arm of the General Assembly, ensures the continuity of the deliberation power between the meetings of the Assembly,

· The Executive Secretariat is the management organ that implements the decisions of the General Assembly. The Executive Secretary and members of the Secretariat are elected for a period of two years by the General Assembly. The current Executive Secretary is Professor Idrissou Abdoulaye by virture of his position as the Director of CNHU K. Maga of Cotonou, the hospital where the headquarters of the Network is located. He is assisted by four secretaries each of which is in charge of a sector : administration and funding, hospital policies, scientific issues and public relations.

Membership to the network could be in form of moral entities or physical persons. Although its articles of association make provision for membership from private health facilities, profit oriented or not, RESHAOC, since its creation, is mainly composed of teaching hospitals.

In practical terms, it is observed that RESHAOC :

- Firstly, targets, mainly, the higher health structures of the countries, namely : national hospitals and/or UTH, regional hospitals (RH) and provincial/departmental hospitals, facilities, most of which have acquired legal and financial autonomy due to the various hospital reforms,

- Secondly, is represented in the French speaking countries (Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Congo, Gabon, Guinea Conakry, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal and Togo) and recently in the Maghreb (Morocco). New membership registration from Tunisia and Madagascar is on course.

Although, the Articles of Association provide for membership from hospitals in English speaking and/or Portuguese speaking African countries opening towards them has never actually been followed up.

Membership of RESHAOC is acquired after the General Assembly has given a ruling on the membership application of the candidate and only becomes effective after he has paid his admission fee – currently 100,000 F CFA for a moral entity and 50,000F CFA for a physical person.

Members also pay annual dues fixed by the General Assembly at a current sum of 200,000 F CFA for moral entities and 50,000F CFA for a physical person.

Application fees, dues and grants from the French Cooperation constitute the financial resources of the Network.

Besides current expenditures, these resources are allocated for financing the annual programme of activities of the network.

The major activities of the network are the « Hospitals Meetings » which take place every two years and always tackles hospital subject of shared interest, as :

- Hospital Maintenance (Bamako – 2003)
- Hospital Quality Approach (Cotonou – 2005)
- Outsourcing and sub-contracting (Bamako – 2006)
- Hospital emergencies (Casablanca – 2007)
- Human resources management in the hospital (Dakar – 2009)

The network is facilitated by the Executive Secretariat with the help of a network of country focal points and a web site (

It is important to note that RESHAOC is a connecting link between medical hospitals and health professionals of Africa, Indian Ocean and the Caribbean within the framework of South-South exchanges, but also between African and French medical hospitals and health professionals within the framework of North-South exchanges.

RESHAOC is a partner institution of the Federation of Hospitals of France (FHF) and the International Federation of Hospitals (IFH). The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European has been backing it for a long and has provided it with a technical assistant who is a « Hospital Director ». RESHAOC also reference from ESTHER, French Development Agency, West African Health Organisation (WAHO) or even the World Bank.

Professor Idrissou Abdoulaye

Executive Secretary of RESHAOC

Contacts :

Colonel Massamba Diop – President of the General Assembly :

Professeur Idrissou Abdoulaye – Executive Secretariat :

Mr. Christian Abonnel – Technical Assistant to RESHAOC : or